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Proposal for ceramicization of masks

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    Deformation Reduction
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    Reduced Defect Rate
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Customer's concerns and problems / Before

In the past, metal masks were used in the film-forming process, and they said that distortion occurred in the masks, leading to an increase in defects.

  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab
  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab
  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab

Our proposals and improvement effects / After

Asuzac suggested that the mask be made of metal and ceramics.

In order to increase the number of wafers taken, the mask shape was designed and manufactured from the conventional product.

Ceramics masks are less distorted than metal masks, resulting in a lower defect rate and lower costs.

  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab
  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab
  • Proposal for ceramicization of masks|Ceramics Design Lab

Point of the proposed example / Point

The point of this case is that the service life has been extended more than twice as long by using ceramics from metal materials.

By taking advantage of the light weight, high rigidity, and high strength that are characteristics of ceramics, it is possible to achieve excellent effects.

The Fine Ceramics Division of ASUZAC Corporation, which operates the Ceramics Design Laboratory, handles everything from material development and preparation to design and manufacture, as well as surface treatment, inspection, and cleaning.

We can also offer our own coating-technology for adding functionality to ceramics materials, as well as the selection of materials such as ceramic materials with high heat resistance and conductivity, and high-purity alumina and SiC that are highly pure and prevent contamination.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with mask components for existing deposition processes.

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  • Metal Contamination Control
  • Wear Resistance Improvement
  • Improved Functionality
  • Wafer Scratch Prevention
  • Anti-Static Measures
  • Improved Heat Resistance
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  • Warped Wafer Prevention
  • Sparking Prevention
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
  • Improved Productivity
  • Misalignment Prevention
  • Reduced Defect Rate
  • Improved Productivity(Improved Throughput)
  • Wear Resistance
  • Contact Damage Reduction
  • Yield Improvement
  • Man-Hour Reduction
  • Surface Resistance Control
  • Wear Prevention
  • Particle Control
  • Suction Mark Reduction
  • Outgassing Reduction
  • Deformation Reduction
  • Improved Plasma Resistance
  • Long Service Life
  • Contamination Measures
  • Cost Reduction

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