Here we introduce our main processing and inspection and measurement facilities.

Pick-up equipment

  • Large-scale green processing machine|Ceramics Design Lab

    Large-scale green processing machine

    Green processing (raw processing) is performed on ceramic materials after CIP molding, taking into account the shrinkage caused by firing.

  • Vacuum firing furnace|Ceramics Design Lab

    Vacuum firing furnace

    This vacuum furnace fires green-processed ceramic compacts.
    After firing, the exterior and dimensions are checked and color check (immersion flaw detection) is performed.

  • Electric furnace|Ceramics Design Lab

    Electric furnace

    Like a vacuum furnace, it becomes an electric furnace that fires work pieces after green processing.
    We have multiple kilns, such as vacuum furnaces, electric furnaces and gas furnaces, so that we can respond flexibly from trial production to mass production of medium lots.

  • Large gate machining center|Ceramics Design Lab

    Large gate machining center

    This is a machining center that processes fired ceramics into final product dimensions.
    Diamond tools are used for machining.

  • Vertical machining center|Ceramics Design Lab

    Vertical machining center

    This vertical machining center is suitable for high-efficiency machining of difficult-to-machine materials.
    Used in secondary processing after firing.
    This is the model with the largest number of units in our company.

  • Surface grinding machine|Ceramics Design Lab

    Surface grinding machine

    High-hardness materials such as ceramics are basically processed by grinding.
    We have many surface grinders, rotary grinders, and cylindrical grinders with long stages.

  • 3-D measuring machine|Ceramics Design Lab

    3-D measuring machine

    Inspection is performed using a caliper, pin gauge, or three-dimensional measuring instrument.
    Also, a full-time inspector visually checks for chipping, chipping, cracks, and foreign matter.

  • 10-tank automatic cleaning system|Ceramics Design Lab

    10-tank automatic cleaning system

    This multi-layer automatic cleaning system is designed for semiconductors and electronic components where contamination by impurities or foreign matter is not permitted.
    Products after cleaning are stored and shipped in a clean booth.

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)|Ceramics Design Lab

    Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)

    This equipment analyzes and evaluates trace elements required by the semiconductor industry.
    The system is thoroughly managed in clean rooms to avoid extremely small amounts of contamination, enabling advanced analysis at several hundred ppm to sub-levels, such as cleaning qualities and post-product-use trace metal analysis.


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