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High Purity SiC plated (SiC3N)

High Purity SiC plated (SiC3N)|Ceramics Design Lab
High Purity SiC plated (SiC3N)|Ceramics Design Lab
High Purity SiC plated (SiC3N)|Ceramics Design Lab
Product Name High Purity SiC plated (SiC3N)
Industry Other
Product Type Other
Material High Purity Silicon Carbide
Size External diameter Φ180 mm, Thickness 1 mm
This is a SiC plate for facility component applications. 3N’s high-purity SiC is used as the material. We used our machining center to perform machining with JIS intermediate dimensional accuracy. A Φ35 through-hole is provided at the center of the outer diameter Φ180 × thickness 1 mm. Asuzac Corporation, which operates the Ceramics Design Lab, offers a full range of services from the preparation, granulation, and molding of SiC raw materials to green processing (raw processing), firing, secondary processing, inspection, and cleaning. In addition to ceramics plates such as this product, we have a large number of experience in manufacturing ceramics products such as wafer Transfer End Effector / Handling Arm , wafer trays, suction chucks, and sintering jigs. Furthermore, we handle various ceramics materials such as high-purity SiC including 3N, high-purity alumina, electrostatic diffusion alumina, porous ceramics, conductive ceramics, and heat-resistant ceramics. We will propose the most suitable ceramics materials according to the product application, operating environment, and required functionality. For the design and manufacture of ceramics products for semiconductors and electronic components, leave it to Asuzac.

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Wafer transfer vacuum End Effector / Handling Arm

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