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SiC Ceramics Adoption Guide

Asuzac has succeeded in reducing metal contamination, which has been a challenge of SiC materials (with excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance) that had long been expected as parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and has increasingly been adopted by semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers and foundries as alternatives to resin parts and metal parts and as SiC Ceramics Adoption Guide upgraders of alumina parts.


This is an introduction leaflet of the lightweight large alumina hand developed by ASUZAC for the PLP process.It has achieved higher rigidity and 20% weight reduction more than compared to conventional products.

【A must-see for design engineers in the semiconductor, electronic component, FPD, and FA industries】

We have put together in one volume specialized technical information, from basic knowledge of ceramic materials and ceramic parts, to points for shape design and material selection, and product examples.


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